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Week 8

Title: Screen vs sleep 

Description: Students at University of Sydney are constantly being exposed to screens, thus affecting their sleep. This data shows how activities such as TV, uni study, online gaming take up significant portions of our their lives. For example:

University Study – 4.65

Netflix or Similar – 2.01

Online Gaming – 1.21

Research has shown that our electronic devices emit a blue light to that tricks the brain into thinking that it is day time, rather than night and thus, affects melatonin production and assists in preventing sleep.

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Week 11

Student screen use

How are students at Western Sydney University, spending their time on screens? 

Description: We have become heavily reliant on technology, whether it is for uni, work or recreational purposes. Western Sydney University students spend most of their screen time doing uni work and being at University. Netflix and online gaming are recreational activities and students seem to be spending most of their time on them. This shows that Western Sydney Students take their studying seriously and are putting them first. However, too much screen time can be unhealthy for our bodies and can cause inactivity and eye strain.

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